Buy slow yoga classes to do at home

You probably already know that yoga can help you relax and feel better.

But what’s really going on in our minds, brains and bodies when we practice yoga? And why is slow yoga particularly beneficial?

As both a yoga teacher and a clinical hypnotherapist, and I’m fascinated by how these two approaches can help us change and heal deep-rooted patterns of thought and behaviour.

This exclusive library of 12 Yoga for Every Body classes, recorded live in 2022, provide the repetition and familiarity that our nervous system needs to feel safe, together with the novelty and variety required to enable it to create the new neural pathways that lead to new habits.*

And, of course, each class is an opportunity to give yourself the rest and space that pave the way for healing – physically, mentally and emotionally.

Whether you choose to do a different class each day, or take your time and work through them week by week over 3 months, this is the perfect opportunity to experience for yourself how slow yoga can help you rest and make space, at your own convenience and in the comfort of your own home.

*Want to know more about yoga and neuroplasticity? Check out my FREE series of 5 short videos on the subject (password is SLOWYOGA).

Helen teaches the most incredibly restorative form of yoga, perfect for anyone who needs time out from their stressful life or to ease painful limbs gently.”

Helen Cooper, My Wellness Connected

“Really enjoy your teaching methods – in my opinion an absolutely essential luxury.” 

12 slow yoga classes to reset your system

Each class guides you through a range of carefully chosen movements to easy your body and rest your mind. Recorded live during 2022.

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