From Stressed To Serene

Are you ready for real transformation?

For the past few months I’ve been working on something really exciting and I’m thrilled to be able to share it with you at last.

Whether I’m wearing my yoga teacher or hypnotherapist ‘hat’, I find that most of my clients are looking for exactly the same thing:

a reliable way to manage stress, reduce overwhelm and make space

The seed for this new project was actually planted by a 1:1 client I was working with a few months ago.

She’d recently left a stressful corporate job to set up her dream business. She loved being her own boss but could already feel her stress levels creeping back up. She’d started taking her frustration out on those closest to her and she was concerned that the chronic health condition that had convinced her leave her job was flaring up again. She already knew that yoga and meditation helped her cope, she told me, so she just couldn’t understand why she found it so hard to commit to a regular practice.

As she told me her story, I felt my whole body contract at my own memories of being overwhelmed by stress. During my 20-year corporate career, my stress levels were constantly through the roof. Unaware of the severity of my situation I struggled on, until a debilitating chronic illness brought my entire life crashing down around me.

My journey back from burnout cost me years of sick leave, hundreds of hours of physical and emotional therapy and virtually all my savings. Eventually, with the help of a daily yoga practice and regular 1:1 hypnotherapy sessions, I acquired the healthy coping strategies I needed to manage stress, reduce overwhelm and find my way back to health.

The power of daily yoga and meditation reconnected me to my body and began to still my busy mind. Working with a skilled hypnotherapist helped me identify and release deep-held beliefs that had been driving my thoughts and actions my whole life.

I was so inspired by the healing power of this ‘blended therapy’ that I spent 4 years retraining in both disciplines myself. I’m now drawing together everything that I’ve learned over the past decade into a single, unique programme.

From Stressed to Serene combines the wisdom of traditional hatha yoga with proven techniques from clinical hypnotherapy to create a personal roadmap to transforming your life. My step-by-step online programme and regular 1:1 sessions will support you all the way, as you

  • achieve the serenity that comes with a regular daily practice
  • manage stress, reduce overwhelm and make space for yourself
  • identify and release unhelpful and undermining beliefs
  • harness the power of your imagination to work for you, not against you

Does this feel like something you could benefit from?

If so, I have made a few spaces in my diary to talk to a select group of people who are committed to creating real change in their life about coming up with a strategy.

To secure one of these slots: