Hypnotherapy is an incredibly powerful ally to have in your corner when you are ready to make lasting change in your life.

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis or trance is a completely natural state of being that we all slip in and out of many times a day, a state in which our busy, thinking mind takes a back seat for once. That blissful moment as you are just waking up or just before you fall asleep… the feeling of being so engrossed in a book, film or piece of music that you become oblivious to the world around you… the realisation on arriving at a familiar destination that you have no recollection of the journey you’ve just made… these are all forms of trance. It can be described as a state of profound relaxation combined with an acute awareness of, and focus on, specific sensory inputs.

What is hypnotherapy?

When we allow our logical, thinking mind to relax fully, the deeper, subconscious mind has the space to open up. Hypnotherapy is the process of teaching clients to enter this natural state of hypnotic trance whenever they choose to, and working with the open, subconscious mind to achieve real therapeutic change. During this process the sensory input on which the client is focused is the voice of the hypnotherapist.

The subconscious mind is incredibly powerful: much more powerful than the logical mind. Bypassing the critical part of the thinking mind (ie, that voice in your head that tends to rubbish unfamiliar ideas and experiences) increases the potential for the subconscious mind to accept new suggestions. Where appropriate, it also opens the way for deeper, analytical hypnotherapy, one of the most effective ways there is to understand and heal deep-seated emotional issues. A skilled hypnotherapist develops a deep understanding of the beliefs and desires of each individual client, weaving together words, images and suggestions to create a personalised blueprint for moving towards the life they want to live. Put simply, hypnotherapy is the process of training our imagination to work for us, rather than undermine us, in achieving our goals.

What issues can hypnotherapy help with?

It’s not always possible to change our circumstances and – whatever we like to think – we can’t change other people. We can, however, change our own patterns of thought and behaviour, and such changes can have a profound impact, not only on our own lives but also on those around us.

If you can imagine the outcome you want to achieve, hypnotherapy can help you make it happen.

      • Let go of a fear, phobia or limiting belief that is holding you back
      • Manage stress, reduce anxiety and overwhelm and increase self-confidence
      • Weight loss, smoking cessation or other lifestyle upgrade
      • Harness the power of creative thinking to manifest the life of your dreams
      • Enhance revision skills and reduce exam nerves
      • Overcome performance anxiety and maximise potential in any field of activity
      • Identify and resolve deep-rooted psychological or emotional issues
      • Manage pain and other physical symptoms associated with a range of health conditions including ME/CFS, fibromyalgia, migraine, IBS, skin conditions, etc.
      • Prepare for and optimise the results of medical or dental procedures
      • and much more

More questions about what’s involved? See my Hypnotherapy FAQ page.

Working with me

The first step is for us to have a confidential exploratory call (by phone or Zoom) to see whether the time feels right for us to work together. This can be up to 30 minutes long and I do not charge for this time. If we decide to work together you can then schedule an appointment.

Whetehr our session is held in person or via Zoom, it follows the same format.

During our time together I will ask you to turn off or silence your phone and other potential distractions. I will also invite you to remove your shoes as this tends to make it easier to relax.

Our first session is an opportunity for us me to learn a bit about you and for you to learn a bit about hypnotherapy. This is your chance to ask any questions you may have about hypnosis and to tell me what you want to achieve. We can then start setting realistic goals for our work together and, unless we agree otherwise, you will experience a first hypnosis session.

If we both agree that it would be helpful, in subsequent sessions we will explore the issues that have brought you to see me (and/or anything else that has come up) in more depth and I will prepare a bespoke recording for you to work with at home. Listening to this recording, along with any other homework I may ask you to do, is a key aspect of the therapy and part of your commitment to the process. In some cases, and with your agreement, we may adopt a deeper, more analytical approach in order to bring clarity to the issues you wish to resolve and help move them forward.


Locations and costs

If you’re interested in exploring how hypnotherapy can help you make the changes you want to make, then contact me to arrange a confidential exploratory consultation call. This is an opportunity for both of us to see if the time feels right for us to work together, so I do not charge for this time.

A standard session, whether online via Zoom or face-to-face in my dedicated consulting room on the edge of Petersfield, Hampshire lasts about 90 minutes and costs £110. Where we both agree that further sessions would be helpful, I offer a 10% discount on 4 or more sessions booked in advance.

Call me on 01730 750272 to find out more or book an Exploratory Call.


My commitment to you – and vice versa

As your therapist I commit to giving you my full, undivided attention and professional assistance whenever we are working together, using my abilities and expertise to help you bring about such changes as we mutually agree are in your best interests, and helping you maximise your own natural resources to achieve your full potential.

As the client, the most important thing you need to bring to our sessions is an open mind and a real desire to make changes in your life. Hypnotherapy does not remove the need for will-power and determination, but it can significantly increase the odds in your favour!

On a more practical note, after our initial phone consultation I will send you a Client Information form to complete before your first appointment. This will reduce the time we need to spend on admin during your session. Some clients also find it a helpful way to focus their mind on exactly what they are hoping to achieve.

If you would like to find out more, book a confidential, no-commitment exploratory consultation call of up to 30 minutes, absolutely free.