‘People need to know about this’

Steph explains how a combination of hypnotherapy and remedial yoga helped her before, during and after a long-delayed hip replacement.

I joined Helen’s yoga classes in early 2019, having recently been diagnosed with hip dysplasia and osteoarthritis. Although only in my 40s, I was already on the waiting list for a full hip replacement. I loved the classes and how Helen worked with me to modify postures to accommodate my increasing pain and immobility as I waited for a date for surgery.

A year later the Covid-19 pandemic arrived, and with it lockdowns, online yoga classes and the postponement of all ‘non essential’ surgery. Eventually even the modified postures became too much for me, but when my surgery was eventually confirmed for May 2021 I contacted Helen to ask about joining Yoga for Health, the remedial yoga class which I knew she ran with two colleagues, once the procedure was over.

When Helen told me about the benefits of using hypnotherapy for surgery, I signed up immediately.

Creating the conditions for success

At this point there were only 2.5 weeks before my scheduled surgery date, but Helen managed to fit in three sessions with me.

Meanwhile, I listened daily to the recordings she sent me: a general relaxation recording to start with, followed by a personalised one that she had made for me during our second session. The third session provided an opportunity to address any lingering concerns and reinforce the suggestions already being bedded in.

When the long-awaited date arrived, I spent a whole day in pre-op before being told that time had run out and I would have to wait another two weeks until 26th May. Although the delay was extremely upsetting for me at the time, the following day when I spoke to Helen I told her that I felt much more positive this time round. I was stronger in myself, calmer & more confident about it, which I am certain came from Helen’s hypnosis.

Free at last!

Just over two weeks later, I sent Helen the following email:

Hi Helen

I cannot begin to tell how fabulous life is now! I feel like the biggest weight and tightest shackles have been removed – it’s wonderful.

First up, I am definitely joining your online Yoga for Health class from 9th June! My ‘restrictions’ are no angle less than 90 when sitting and no prolonged weight bearing for now. I cannot wait to get back to it! 

Now for the story…

I arrived at 7am on Wednesday and was told I was first on the list. I went down at 8:30 to wait about five minutes before being taken into theatre, where I was given the spinal block and laid quickly on my side (it kicks in pretty quickly). I told them I’d been using hypnosis along with music and would need minimal sedation and that’s how it went!

I remember being clamped into place, being aware of cutting, sawing, hammering, pushing & stapling but no pain and no anxiety – in fact, I was grinning so much they must have thought I was insane!

I came back as soon as they took my earphone out and said my name and was awake and alert immediately. I spent a lovely half an hour in recovery before being wheeled me back to the ward. This was by 12pm!

The only bad thing was trying to sleep the first night but even that didn’t hold me back. I saw the physio, my surgeon, the ward appointed doctor and X-ray team and managed to be released within 36 hours of arrival – pretty good going for major surgery!

People need to know about this!

“Helen, I am absolutely certain that it was always meant to be that way.

Steph after hiking up a ‘very steep’ hill, less than 4 months after surgery.

I was nowhere near as calm as that a fortnight earlier even with hypnosis. Adding my own use of positive music bolstered the work we had done, but the suggestions during hypnotic state of confidence in the team, ease of surgery and ongoing acceptance / tolerance of the healing pain (and that’s the only pain that’s there!) are what made it such a positive experience.

People seriously need to know about this! I will be shouting about it on any platform I can access next week.

Thank you so much for everything and I can’t tell you how exciting it will be to get back to the pleasure and challenge of your yoga classes.

See you Weds 9th.


Two weeks to the day after my surgery I joined the Yoga for Health classes for six weeks of remedial yoga to support my healing. Less than four months later I celebrated my 25th wedding anniversary with a return trip to our honeymoon hotel in Scotland and a hike up the very steep Mither Tap!

If you are awaiting surgery or any similar procedure you simply must contact Helen to find out more about how hypnosis can help you!

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