Bones for Life®

Read on to learn about Bones for Life®, the programme specifically designed to stimulate bone strength and improve postural realignment through natural movement.

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How healthy are your bones?

Unless you’ve had reason to have them scanned recently, the answer is likely to be that you have no idea, but so far they’ve done a pretty good job of keeping you upright!

That’s certainly what I’d have said if you’d asked me at the beginning of 2023.

Even when I was recovering from not one but TWO broken wrists, following an avoidable fall at home in April of that year, I was quite sure that the DEXA (bone mineral density) scan I’d been invited for was a formality.

Until I received a phone call telling me that the scan showed my bone density was “in the range considered to indicate osteoporosis.”

I was just 56 years old. And I was devastated.

I started researching my options

In the months following my diagnosis of osteoporosis, I went on a journey of discovery. I read, watched and listened to everything I could find about bone health, the pros and cons of the various treatments available and what we can do ourselves to maintain and perhaps even improve the strength, flexibility and resilience of our skeletal structure in the decades to come.

So when I came across a movement-based process literally called Bones For Life® I knew I had to find out more!

What I wasn’t expecting was that in just a few months it would have completely replaced yoga postures in both my personal practice and my business!

“The more your posture improves, the stronger your bones become.

When your movement is coordinated as nature meant, the very weight of your body itself spontaneously works to strengthen bone in the activities of daily life.

Ruthy Alon, Founder of Bones for Life®

Ready to find out more?

What is Bones for Life® and how can it help?

Bones For Life evolved out of the Feldenkrais Method® (another movement-based practice that I love) and was developed with the specific aim of supporting bone strength and resilience, within the range and scope available to each individual.

Rather than fighting the body to get results, Bones For Life teaches us to trust in our own movement intelligence, our own observations and sensations. Practiced consistently over time, this can help us let go of unhelpful patterns of movement, leading to more satisfying and efficient movements and self-management.

The result is a seriesᅠof 90 individual movement practices, known as ‘processes’, that help you tune into to the ‘movement intelligence’ of your own body andᅠcreate the rhythmic, dynamic movement that is necessary to build bone.ᅠ

Over time, these processes can also help improve postural alignment, stability and balance and thus reduce the risk of falling – which is actually the single most effective way to avoid breaking a bone!

And its emphasis on sensitivity to individual pace, range and capacity makes it suitable for all ages and mobility levels – entirely in keeping with the way I’ve always taught yoga.

Oh, and did I mention that it’s fun too?!

Ready to start YOUR Bones for Life journey?

When I saw how Bones for Life was changing my own life and – most importantly – my attitude to what I’d begun thinking of as my ‘crumbling’ bones, I knew I had to share this with as many people as possible.

And I knew that to do that, I had to make it really easy for anyone to get started on their own Bones for Life journey.

So I spent 6 months creating and refining a practical, accessible course, specifically designed to fit around your busy life.

Introduction to Bones for Life

      • 4 modules covering the key principles and foundational practices of Ruthy Alon’s Bones for Life® programme
      • Everything you need to start building the processes into your daily routine and accessing your own movement intelligence
      • 6+ hours of teaching material, broken down into bitesized lessons of 5m-20m each
      • Do as much or as little as you want, when you want
      • Weekly Zoom calls for questions, encouragement and feedback
      • Supportive community for connection, sharing and questions
      • 12 months access to course materials
      • All this for just £99!

OPTIONAL EXTRA: Add my unique Self Hypnosis for Stronger Bones session at a one-time-only price

      • Harness the power of your subconscious mind to optimise your bone health
      • Group hypnosis session delivered live over Zoom (replay available)
      • MP3 audio file for you to download and listen to daily
      • Next LIVE session will be in January 2024 – reserve your spot now!
      • Price: £60 as a standalone product – £48 for existing Bones for Life students
      • BUT JUST £36 bundled with Introduction to Bones for Life! (look out for the opt-in at checkout)

    Sign up to Introduction to Bones For Life now for techniques and understandings that can change the way you relate to your body and how you move for ever.

    Ruthy Alon (1930-2020)  Creator of Bones for Life®

    “I’m learning to walk in a whole new aligned way. I feel like I glide along now and calmly walk instead of rushing – it feels graceful!”

    – Kim

    “I noticed that standing up from the floor in this way [using a Bones for Life process] my knees are not hurting!”

    – Ana

    “As a scientist, I loved understanding the science behind the program and seeing the proof that change [in my posture] really is possible.”

    – Christine

    Online course: Outcomes

    By the end of the course you will:

      • Appreciate why it’s never too early to get proactive about bone health
      • Be familiar with core Bones For Life principles and processes
      • Understand the power of these processes to enhance natural movement and tap into your own ‘movement intelligence’
      • Have access to practical and enjoyable processes that you can use every day to help develop the postural integrity, flexibility and stability that support strong bones
      • Experience a different way of being in your own body

    Still got questions? Check out my Bones for Life FAQ

      What do people say about the online Introduction course?

      “I feel so relieved that there is something other than weight training which I can’t do … I’m not worrying now, I’m doing something [for my bones] and am feeling so positive. It’s made such a difference!”

      – Cheryle

      It is really is a brilliant course. Extremely accessible. I can’t think of any excuse not to be able to do it!”

      – Frauke

      “Beautifully put together.”

      – Sharon

      “I am really enjoying the program. I can see how it will be helpful. It is very easy to follow and I like the fact I can repeat a video.
      You are a fab teacher, thank you.”

      – Harriet