“I arrived at Helen’s cosy, warm consulting room and settled in a comfy chair. I was a complete mess of anxiety, hands shaking, stomach noisily churning!
I sat, and talked of my anxiety, what was the cause and how I would like to be at the end of my sessions and beyond.
We had 4 sessions, and I was given recordings to listen to and focus on, to relax and secure my way forward in life.
Over the sessions (although they were not like ‘sessions’ but more like talking to a very dear caring friend), my anxiety levels dropped… and dropped, and I was able to look ahead to a future that I, myself wanted, to come out of this dark cloud and into the bright sunshine.
Helen gave me strategies to make myself feel safe and secure from the worries that caused my anxieties.
I was able to move forward out of one chapter of my life and into the next shining chapter of my ‘book of life’.
Helen is a warm, caring, gentle soul. I have complete confidence in her professionalism and I was given the tools to move forward in my life – and I’m still moving forward, thank you Helen!”


“I’ve been listening to the recording you made for me every night (and sometimes in the morning) and just wanted to say WOW, I’ve been getting so many little signs that it’s working!! I’ve had a bunch of things “unlock” from a work perspective. Got feedback from a client that I was “grace under fire” during a difficult conversation. I’ve been sticking to my food program and feel GREAT and have so much energy. And so many other little things both personally and professionally. A huge thanks to you for everything!!”


“I came to Helen a desperate man in search of a good night’s sleep. Helen skillfully unpacked the issues preventing me from falling and staying asleep, devised a hypnotherapy plan to resolve this, and empathetically – and skillfully – guided me through to a solution that has me sleeping normally for the first time in years.”


“It was great to join you and the other beautiful souls  Making Space at The Retreat in the beautiful New Forest, and what a venue it is !! and what a blissful time we had !!! 

We certainly Made Space. 

You manage to create this instant feeling of calmness as well which followed throughout – into the yoga, then way into the beautiful guided meditation, and one thing I noticed you found time to make sure all our needs were met in the class individually, to support us where needed even though the retreat was full. 

So many thanks, I’ll be booking up again !!”


“I am still almost mystified as to how hugely enlightening my ‘becoming a non-smoker’ session with you was, the issues it raised which I – a mere mortal – hadn’t considered and for which I am extremely grateful.

You will be glad to hear that I am now going into my seventh week without the nicotine weed and without any other assistance. I was even more thrilled to see, when I weighed myself on my daughter’s scales a couple of days ago, that my weight hasn’t altered.

Thank you for your professionalism, kindness and consideration.”


“Hypnotherapy with Helen has been a complete game changer for me. Months of painkillers, medication and doctors treatment hadn’t helped my condition. Experiencing long term chronic pain made me realise there could be an emotional issue behind it. The work I did with Helen brought me enormous relief, both emotionally and physically. Learning how to bring my body into a state of relaxation eased the pain massively from the start. More than that, at my next medical check up, my doctor was happy to report that my healing had been fast tracked. I am so impressed by how powerful it has been and very grateful my pain has disappeared!”

I always look forward to your Make Space retreat days.
My body relaxes.
My mind stops racing.
And I leave totally chilled.
A very safe and nurturing space.
Thank you 

The surgery was a success! My dentist said there was plenty of bone to place all 5 implants, no need for another surgery! You don’t know how relieved I am! In a month or so, maybe sooner, I’ll have my temporary prosthesis and be able to taste and chew my food for the first time in years! This has been quite a journey and I’m so glad it’s almost over!

I was given twilight sleep instead of general anesthesia, it only lasted 3 hours instead of 4-5 hours as I originally was told. I had minimal bleeding, some swelling but not too bad and no bruising, so far. 

I can’t tell you how pleased I am at the outcome! I truly believe the hypnosis had a great deal to do with this, working with my subconscious to heal my body! Thank you again for your help and guidance!


Hi Helen

I cannot begin to tell how fabulous life is now! I feel like the biggest weight and tightest shackles have been removed – it’s wonderful.

I arrived at 7am on Wednesday and was told I was first on the list. I went down at 8:30 to wait about five minutes before being taken into theatre, where I was given the spinal block and laid quickly on my side (it kicks in pretty quickly). I told them I’d been using hypnosis along with music and would need minimal sedation and that’s how it went!

I remember being clamped into place, being aware of cutting, sawing, hammering, pushing & stapling but no pain and no anxiety – in fact, I was grinning so much they must have thought I was insane!

I came back as soon as they took my earphone out and said my name and was awake and alert immediately. I spent a lovely half an hour in recovery before being wheeled me back to the ward. This was by 12pm!

The only bad thing was trying to sleep the first night but even that didn’t hold me back. I saw the physio, my surgeon, the ward appointed doctor and X-ray team and managed to be released within 36 hours of arrival – pretty good going for major surgery!

Adding my own use of positive music bolstered the work we had done, but the suggestions during hypnotic state of confidence in the team, ease of surgery and ongoing acceptance / tolerance of the healing pain (and that’s the only pain that’s there!) are what made it such a positive experience.

People seriously need to know about this! I will be shouting about it on any platform I can access next week.

Thank you so much for everything and I can’t tell you how exciting it will be to get back to the pleasure and challenge of your yoga classes.


Loved your workshop Helen …if I’m honest I was dubious about the 3 hours but I needn’t have been concerned… it was perfect. Left feeling so relaxed and energised at the same time. Really enjoyed your teaching methods – in my opinion an absolutely essential  luxury. Thank you. I will be booking for next month.


Helen was my ministering angel in my hour of need. I truly believe with every fibre of my being that the hypnotherapy I received from her was an integral part of my full recovery from brain surgery. In 2020 I was diagnosed with four brain aneurysms, one of which had ruptured. After emergency surgeries and 10 days in the neurological ICU, I was discharged from hospital, deeply grateful to have been treated by an outstanding neurosurgeon and to be alive but also feeling quite psychologically traumatised and dealing with significant back and neck pain due to residual blood in my spinal column.

During one excruciating, sleepless night I called Helen and asked her if she could help me, even though I was in the United States and she was in the UK. I had entrusted other family members and friends to her excellent care but now I was in need and standard therapies were woefully inadequate. I also was facing two additional brain surgeries and wanted to take a holistic approach to preparing for them.

Helen is truly remarkable. She made the time to address my immediate, acute need with a hypnotherapy session which was very powerful and then set up additional sessions with me that were tailored to prepare me for the upcoming procedures. Her deep, focused and personal approach allowed me to work on a profound level with my sub-conscious mind and gave me the strength and belief that this approach would support the success of the surgeries and accelerate my full healing and recovery process. The very nature of brain surgery is pretty daunting on every level and each time the anticipation was quite nerve-racking. Helen provided me with a personalized hynotherapy recording that definitely enabled me to be calm and steady and in an open, positive state of mind.

Today, I am able to count myself among the 5% of people who have not only survived but have no residual cognitive or neurological damage as a result of a ruptured brain aneurysm. There is no question in my mind that Helen’s hypnotherapy treatment was a critical factor.


The first time I came I really didn’t know what to expect, I’d never done anything like this before, but I absolutely loved it. I always seem to arrive with my mind in overdrive, but as soon as I get there I feel myself relaxing. Helen somehow creates a calmness for everyone and in just few minutes I feel myself relax into it. You begin to really feel your body, you begin to feel your mind, your self… it all starts to come together. Everything else just melts away… it’s wonderful! Most of the movements are so tiny and yet afterwards you feel stretched somehow. And it’s all so gentle. Having the three hours is just wonderful, it means you’ve got a chance to really unwind… it feels like you’re really doing something for YOU. I try to go every month now!


I was told that I would need a hip replacement. ‘No worries,’ I thought, ‘I’ve already had one done, nothing to it.’ Until it was explained to me that this time it would be a spinal anaesthetic rather than a general, and that I’d be awake throughout. Gulp! That thought did not appeal to me in the slightest – to say that I was incredibly nervous was an understatement. Until I had a conversation with Helen, who said that it was quite a common occurrence these days and that she would be able to help, which she did with the aid of a pre-op hypnosis recording.

The advice was to listen to it as often as I could prior to the operation, which I did and listened again on the morning of the operation. By the time the surgeon came to collect me I was feeling very relaxed both in ‘mind and soul’.

Helen also provided a post-op hypnosis recording, which was as helpful as the pre-op one was, especially when I was feeling uncomfortable and had difficulty sleeping.

Without the help from Helen and those wonderful recordings, I think my surgery and recovery would have been far more traumatic. In fact, it was noticeably easier than the first time round!

I already knew more or less what to expect from my surgery, but if this had been a new experience for me I can see how having a personalised recording specific to my needs would have been even more helpful. I would definitely recommend talking to Helen if you are having surgery in the near future.


I was excited to attend Helen‘s Making Space workshop but a little apprehensive as 3 hours may prove to be a long time especially as I had never taken a class with Helen before. I shouldn’t have worried – i enjoyed the time so much and it felt luxurious to really spend time listening to my body and letting it do ‘what it knows to do’.

My mind cleared quickly and I settled into listening and becoming aware of what my body was telling me.  Helen is an expert at building trust and a supportive atmosphere and by the end I felt a great deal of release of stress which I wasn’t consciously aware that I was carrying. There was less movement than in other classes I have attended but it was far better movement. Helen obviously has an in depth knowledge of what she teaches and great experience in teaching.

She helped me find the best position for me for the Yoga Nidra practice at the end, so that I was the most comfortable I have ever been in for this part of a yoga class. I really appreciated the importance Helen placed on this final relaxation which I have always thought was the best part of a yoga class but which is skipped over by other teachers I have known.

I came away feeling peaceful and also with a surprising understanding of how tired I am. I have experienced quite a lot of difficulty over the last few years and the workshop today has helped me clarify that I need to take time to look after myself so that I can continue supporting others who need me. I’ve been told this and on an intellectual level I understand it, but Helen’s workshop today has made me see I need and want to do this. Helen’s gift is definitely that of helping people understand what they need.  Amazing.  Thank you.


Yesterday I attended my first ever yoga workshop, run by Helen.  I had only ever done ‘yoga at home’ before and had been following various you-tubers throughout lock-down.

Helen’s workshop was a total eye-opener for me.  Focussing more on small (and very effective) movements and body awareness, I was able to tune totally into my body; feeling the beneficial differences as the workshop progressed.  The use of various essential oils through the practice was an additional bonus.  The session ended with me being guided through my first Yoga Nidra. I was amazed at how I felt after this; my mind was calm, quiet and still, my body relaxed and refreshed.  I will definitely be attending another workshop with Helen!


Today I attended a wonderful 3 hour workshop with Helen Davis of One Step Forward, and I feel fantastic!

Helen teaches the most incredibly restorative form of yoga, perfect for anyone who needs time out from their stressful life or to ease painful limbs gently. She structures the time beautifully with the most gentle of yoga stretches, mindful breathing and meditative practices, which prepare you for the final ‘yoga nidra’ relaxation.

These workshops are great for anyone but especially good for those who want to explore the healing side of yoga. I would definitely recommend them for people with long term autoimmune conditions, or those who find so-called ‘normal’ yoga practices too demanding but who still want the long term benefits.

Helen Cooper, My Wellness Connected

The sudden occurrence of a physical impairment shocked me into realising that, even though I had been working on my emotional and psychological growth for a long time (including weekly counselling for the past year), it felt like there was still a lot that I couldn’t see and/or acknowledge.

I realised that I needed to find something to help me to crack open the issues that were hampering my progress. I had been wondering about hypnotherapy. Struggling with chronic anxiety for a long time I often had the feeling that there was a deep seated issue at the root of my problems that I consciously did not want to access, perhaps because I was afraid of discovering something terrible about myself.

I feel in very safe hands during a session. Helen is both very focused and very intuitive at the same time. I feel listened to and able to open up and say anything that I want to. It never fails to surprise me where we go and what comes up!

Afterwards I usually feel much happier, more positive and lighter. I can see how negative messages about myself have weighed me down and coloured my thoughts, feelings and perspectives. Listening to the recordings Helen has made for me after the session I am sometimes aware for a day or two that my perceptions are being reset. I then become aware of how they are reminding me, and my subconscious, to stay in a more positive
place (a bit like wearing braces for your teeth!).

I am very grateful for the deep underlying changes that have come about since I started working with Helen. I am coming to appreciate, love and value myself. Let go of fears and guilts that hold me back and now feel much more supported by life. It’s very liberating and exciting as well as being a great relief!


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your help and assistance during my hypnotherapy sessions. Originally I was a little sceptical around the process having never experienced hypnotherapy before. However, within minutes of my initial session I felt at ease and knew that with time I would be able to overcome a number of personal barriers. I can say without any doubt the help and techniques you installed got me to a much more positive place. Therefore I would have no hesitation in recommending you to friends, family or colleagues. I hope to have some follow up sessions in the future.


A friend recommended me to Helen as I was having panic attacks, was feeling very emotional and was not sleeping well. I had given up my voluntary job as an adviser because I did not feel strong enough in myself to help others. Any sort of deadline would make me start to panic, and this was not the person I was used to being. Having never done hypnotherapy before, I felt nervous about it and was worried about the loss of control. Helen is kind and has a gentle and reassuring manner. She explained carefully what would happen, and I immediately felt safe and trusted her. She has a lovely voice – very calm and reassuring while ‘under hypnosis’. Helen went out of her way to help me at short notice and her sessions calmed me down and gave me techniques to use which were invaluable when I started to feel anxious again. Working with her has been a pleasure as well as extremely helpful. I would highly recommend going to see her.


I went to see Helen as I was worried about having a wisdom tooth removed, due to a previous difficult experience. I found Helen extremely easy to work with and she immediately put me at ease. I have to admit that I was slightly sceptical about hypnotherapy beforehand but the experience was wonderful! My dental surgery proved to be as complicated as the last time but I was able to use hypnotherapy to get me through in a completely calm way. The dentist was amazed at how calm I was considering how difficult the extraction was. I would definitely go back and see Helen and I highly recommend her as a therapist.


I was very lucky to meet Helen about a year after I had become unwell with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). At the time I didn’t know what was wrong with me other than it had come on out of the blue and was trying to take my life away from me! In addition to the hypnotherapy, it was so inspirational to talk to Helen who herself had been so ill and to see how well she has recovered. She has learned so much through her own journey back to health. Her combination of wisdom, expertise and compassion set me on the right path to recovery myself.


Having trained in hypnotherapy with Helen I was already familiar with her excellent work, and now speaking as a client I am thrilled to get to give her a review – I cannot recommend her highly enough. For a sensitive, caring, intuitive, gentle, positive and effective therapist, look no further.


I have been suffering from a bad back for several years, it’s intermittent in terms of pain but always bothers me. I hoped that yoga would help with overall flexibility and maybe even improve my back. I have been truly surprised that even after the first session there was a definite improvement, I did think it was maybe coincidence, but now after 3 sessions, there is a definite improvement. I really hope this continues. I feel that by actually attending a class on a regular basis, I will feel more in control and am actually making a difference myself to my wellbeing. I live a fairly hectic and stressful life, however I have been very surprised at how relaxed and calm I feel after each session. Helen is a wonderful teacher and makes me feel as though I am at the beginning of a journey. I’m so looking forward to seeing where it takes me.


Helen’s yoga classes are wonderful – friendly, informative and great for re-connecting with your body.


Had a fab 1:1 yoga session with Helen this morning. As it’s school holidays my usual class doesn’t meet so I took the opportunity for some special 1:1 ‘me time’. I arrived tired, emotional, lacking in energy and even motivation, but, as I’d booked it I wasn’t going to back out. By the time I left I felt bright eyed, motivated, relaxed, enthusiastic and so much calmer than when I arrived.


I had a hypnotherapy session with Helen to prepare me for hand surgery and for my recovery afterwards. I loved her calm, friendly approach. The personalised recordings (for pre- and post-op) were also very helpful. Definitely recommended!


I just wanted to say thank you for today’s session, I feel very confident that I am going to benefit from your classes and really like the way that you teach giving food for the body and the soul! Look forward to seeing you next week and learning more!


I sought Helen’s help because, having been to one of her amazing yoga sessions, I knew she was extremely professional but also a deeply caring and spiritual person. The [hypnotherapy] session I had with her was very relaxing and highly effective. She listened carefully, explained fully and tailored everything exactly to my needs. Because of this, and her expert knowledge of hypnotherapy, I feel like the issue I trusted her with was fully addressed and I feel wonderful! I have no reservations in recommending Helen, she is a brilliant therapist!


Helen is a brilliant therapist and a fantastic yoga teacher. My 1:1 yoga sessions with her have been incredibly effective, and her passion and knowledge are a source of continuous inspiration!


I attended Helen’s workshop on Saturday morning … and what a treat it was for my mind, body and spirit. Helen’s attention to care is obvious throughout the morning as she gently guides you through movement and stillness. I can’t recommend Helen enough.


A wonderful few hours to escape and reconnect. Helen’s yoga workshop was perhaps the most relaxing thing I have ever done! She immediately puts you at ease. A wonderful session no matter your yoga experience. I am fairly inexperienced with yoga and I found it extremely gentle and wholly relaxing. You leave with a wonderful feeling that lasts for a few days at the very least. Can not recommend enough. Thank you Helen.


The yoga workshop was an absolutely wonderful experience and I would like to thank you very much. I really loved the session, you are an excellent teacher and explain things so well , it was so gentle and relaxing , I felt like I was floating the rest of the afternoon. I’m sorry I was yawning so much but I think that was stress release, and I felt deeply tired later in the day and slept like a log!


Highly recommend Helen, she changed my life. I could not have fought my cancer without [the hypnotherapy work] we did together before my diagnosis. She is truly amazing.


Excellent, relaxed and approachable yoga tuition.


I have been practicing yoga for over 20 years. Your workshop was a brilliant way of making me stop and think about each posture and the way my body wants to move. Rather than just moving from one posture to the next, your unique way of taking each posture a step at a time helped me to almost fall effortlessly, easily and thoughtfully into the posture and really experience what that feels like. Moving into Tree pose was a lightbulb moment as I actually felt what it should feel like to find my balance one one leg!


Fabulous workshop today, thank you Helen! What an amazing combination of practices… grounding, breathing, meditation, yoga, etc. Everything I love about your Make Space ethos.


I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful workshop on Saturday. I had arrived with quite a painful niggling neck which I had had for three days. Very soon into the yoga practice I felt very deeply connected to my body and during your guiding and curious questioning and inviting me to ‘notice’, I felt permission to ‘let go’ and this evoked a release which bubbled all through my core and emerged as a surge of emotion, something I think I had been holding onto. Your gentle voice was soothing and I soon realised my body was aware but not tense and my neck pain was gone!

Throughout the workshop I felt that I was invited to move consciously with kindness, you provided an environment and platform for peace and tranquility and because of this I was able to totally relax and feel attuned to myself. Lastly and most importantly for me was the sense of being held and nurtured and nourished, a true gift!


I have known Helen for many years on a personal level, but it was only recently that I spoke to her in her professional capacity. I was a little hesitant about hypnotherapy at first but I knew that she had provided invaluable help to others, so I went with my instinct and trusted her. After the first session I knew I had been right to seek her help as she understood almost immediately how to help me, and get me back to where I wanted to be. Two sessions later, and with the help of the personalised recording she made for me,  I feel revitalised, focussed and back to being me. I can’t thank her enough.


Before working with Helen, I was feeling out of sync both on the professional and personal front.  I had recently experienced the loss of my mom, a setback in my career, and poor eating habits. A colleague recommended reaching out to Helen, and I am so glad that I did. I was hesitant at first, as I live in the US, but as fate would have it, Covid hit and it didn’t matter. Helen and I were able to connect as if we were in the same room. Her kind and welcoming approach allowed us to establish a fast and productive relationship.  I always felt safe and at ease to speak my mind during our sessions. The recordings she made for me were on point and served as a simple but effective means to re-enforce our sessions. These are recordings I still go to even though it has been months since our last session. It took time for me to find my way back to myself, but it did happen.  I know that the hard work that Helen and I did, made that road manageable and at a speed that I never would of imagined without her. I would highly recommend working with Helen should you be looking for a positive path forward.