Dental hypnosis

For some people, going to the dentist is routine… for others it’s the stuff of nightmares.  

Whichever category you’re in, hypnotherapy can make the whole experience easier, more comfortable and – believe it or not – even relaxing!

Hypnosis helps you take back control

When you work with a skilled hypnotherapist who is trained in dental hypnosis, you become an active part of your own support team rather than a passive recipient of treatment.

    • Just as athletes use hypnotherapy to rehearse winning a gold medal, so we can prepare both the subconscious mind and the body for a visit to the dentist. The more familiar an experience feels, the less stressful it is.
    • Hypnosis is highly effective in the management and control of pain.
    • Hypnosis is a powerful and successful method for bypassing fear and releasing phobias.
    • The deep relaxation of hypnotic trance optimises conditions for activating the body’s own natural healing processes.
    • Visualising one’s body repairing and restoring itself helps the process happen more quickly, comfortably and completely.
    • Hypnotherapy is known to be effective in supporting immune function thus reducing the risk of infection.
    • Hypnotherapy helps nurture a positive mindset, which is known to be beneficial to health and wellbeing.

Hypnotherapy can help if you are:

    • Struggling to attend routine dental appointments due to anxiety or phobia
    • Finding it hard to let go of a previous, difficult experience (yours or someone else’s)
    • Facing dental surgery or other invasive procedure and want to make it as easy as possible
    • Ready to finally release the fear or phobia that has been causing you to neglect your oral health
    • Keen to make your routine dental appointments more comfortable and relaxing

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Your fear is trying to protect you

Our imagination is the key to everything we think, feel and do in life. And our subsconscious mind controls the messages our imagination sends us.

Just as it uses our imagination to remind us how much we enjoy the pleasant things in life, so our subconscious steps in to stop us doing things that it believes are dangerous – like poking a sleeping bear or putting our hand on a hot stove!

And when we’ve had a distressing or scary experience in the past – especially if we were unable to talk about it properly at the time – our subconscious mind will be on the lookout to prevent it from happening again.

When it comes to sleeping bears and hot stoves, this can be very useful. Less so, however, when it applies to things that we need to do, like going to the dentst!

Perhaps you had an unpleasant experience with an unsympathetic dentist as a child… Perhaps you heard someone you trusted say that they hated having their teeth checked… Perhaps you once saw a scene in a film that suggested the dentist’s chair was not a safe place to be… Whatever the reason, your subconscious took the message on board that it needed to keep you away from dentists!

Get your imagination working FOR you, not against you

Hypnosis gives us direct access to our subconscious mind, effectively letting us hack our own imagination!

A 2019 research study into hypnotherapy and phobia concluded that ‘hypnosis is a powerful and successful method for inhibiting … fear’ [1]. In other words, it gives us a practical way to bypass that old belief!

And in 2022. a detailed analysis of 19 different studies, carried out over more than 40 years, into ways of ‘reducing dental anxiety and fear avoidance in adults’ found that ‘hypnosis can … be regarded as powerful and successful method for anxiety reduction’ [2].

Imagining (sometimes called visualising) the desired outcome of a situation has been shown to reduce anxiety [3]. When visualisation is reinforced by hypnotic suggestion it becomes even more effective [4].

And then there are the physical benefits of hypnosis.

Hypnotic trance is a state of deep physical and mental relaxation [5] which helps our nervous system return to homeostasis (balance) after a stressful experience. This is just as much the case when we are facing a dental procedure as it is in any other stressful situation [6].

It also optimises the immune response [7], controls and manages pain [8] and accelerates the natural healing process.

What’s not to love?!

How I can help you

Many of the benefits mentioned above have been observed even when hypnosis is delivered by nurses using standardised scripts [9]. Imagine how much more effective it can be when you work 1:1 with a professional hypnotherapist who:

  • Teaches you how to access the hypnotic state quickly and easily
  • Tailors hypnotic suggestions to your own unique circumstances, and
  • Creates bespoke recordings to support you before, during and, where appropriate, after your visit to the dentist.

So whether you’re about to book your first dentist’s appointment in years, preparing for an extraction or simply want to make your regular hygienist appointments more comfortable, contact me now to arrange a free, no-strings, confidential conversation about how I can help you every step of the way.

Don’t just take my word for it

“The dentist was amazed how calm I was!”

Sonja had experienced a difficult wisdom tooth extraction a few years earlier, and was feeling increasingly anxious about having to go through the procedure again.

“I went to see Helen as I was worried about having a wisdom tooth removed, due to a previous difficult experience. I found Helen extremely easy to work with and she immediately put me at ease.

I have to admit that I was slightly sceptical about hypnotherapy beforehand but the experience was wonderful!

My dental surgery proved to be as complicated as the last time but I was able to use hypnotherapy to get me through in a completely calm way.

The dentist was amazed at how calm I was considering how difficult the extraction was.

I would definitely go back and see Helen and I highly recommend her as a therapist.”


“I had minimal bleeding and no bruising”

Terri came to me ahead of her fourth dental surgery and after years of problems. She had been told that if there proved not to be enough bone to support all five implants, she would require yet more surgery.

“The surgery was a success! My dentist said there was plenty of bone to place all 5 implants, no need for another surgery! You don’t know how relieved I am! In a month or so, maybe sooner, I’ll have my temporary prosthesis and be able to taste and chew my food for the first time in years! This has been quite a journey and I’m so glad it’s almost over!

I was given twilight sleep instead of general anesthesia, it only lasted 3 hours instead of 4-5 hours as I originally was told. I had minimal bleeding, some swelling but not too bad and no bruising. 

I can’t tell you how pleased I am at the outcome! I truly believe the hypnosis had a great deal to do with this, working with my subconscious to heal my body! Thank you again for your help and guidance!”