Buy hypnosurgery audios

The best way to prepare for your forthcoming medical or dental procedure is to work with me 1:1. This tried and tested process is carefully designed to create optimum results:


      • You learn exactly why hypnosis is so helpful in this situation and how to take yourself into trance whenever you need to
      • I gain a thorough understanding of your specific circumstances (medical, personal, emotional)
      • We have time and space to address any issues or feelings that may come up, whether familiar or unexpected
      • Together we create a bespoke ‘script’ which forms the basis of your personalised pre- and post-surgery audios
      • You first experience the power of these words during a session, allowing me to observe your response and adjust the words accordingly
      • You listen to these audios repeatedly before, after (and, where appropriate, during) the procedure, reinforcing the work we have done together
      • Read more about the benefits of hypnosis for surgery

That said, if you’re keen to experience the benefits of hypnosis for surgery for yourself, but don’t feel ready to work 1:1 with me yet, I’ve got you covered.

I have created two self-hypnosis audios to support you through your surgery: one for before your procedure and one for afterwards. The hypnotic suggestions are general enough to be relevant to any medical or dental procedure while still being specific enough to be of real benefit.

What’s more, if you buy either or both of these audios and subsequently decide that you want me to work with me to create a bespoke recording instead, I’ll even deduct the price you paid for the audio(s) from your first sessions with me!

“Without the help from Helen and those wonderful recordings, my hip replacement surgery and recovery would have been far more traumatic. In fact, it was noticeably easier than [my first hip replacement]!

I can see how having a personalised recording specific to my needs would have been even more helpful.” – Teri