Why Yoga and Hypnotherapy?

The two practices actually have a great deal in common. One is that there are many different ways to practice and train in both! I’m lucky to have had the opportunity to train with outstanding practitioners in both fields (Dr John Butler for hypnotherapy and Jenny Beeken for yoga), and was amazed at how frequently their teaching – and that of the historic sources they both draw on – overlapped.

Both expect students to master a reassuringly detailed understanding of the principles and practices involved before they can be awarded their Diploma. At the same time, however, at the heart of the training I’ve received from both is the importance of really paying attention to the client in front of you. This process of tuning in – to their words, their body language, their posture – is what enables the experienced teacher or therapist to identify intuitively what this individual needs, here and now, to take them on the next step of their journey.

Clarity and movement … movement and clarity

With hypnotherapy, the first step is to achieve clarity. Clarity as to what is preventing you from achieving your full potential, and clarity as to why this is happening (because there is always a reason!). Then, if you’re ready to do so, we can work out together how to move things forward to create lasting change.

With yoga, on the other hand, we start with the movement. With learning to listen to how your body wants to move today, now. And for many people that may be enough, at least for the first few years! But with dedication and practice, this process of movement and listening can often be powerful enough to bring clarity and change, without the need to identify exactly what caused the original problem, or why.

Which approach is right for me?

You may already know whether you are looking for yoga tuition, hypnotherapy sessions or both, and if so, that’s great.

If not, or if you are not sure if either is right for you right now, book a call with me and let’s talk through whatever has brought you to this site. Together we can work out the approach that feels best for you, today, to help you take the next step towards the clarity and movement that you are seeking.