Retreats: It’s time to make space

I am taking a break from leading retreats for a few months while I focus on working 1:1 with clients and practicing and teaching Bones for Life®, the movement-based programme that has helped me take back control of the narrative around my own health bone.

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It’s time to remember how to rest.
Because when we rest, we make space.
And where there’s space, there’s healing.

Make Space retreats offer a carefully curated balance of movement and stillness, of sound and silence, of awareness and deep, deep rest.

      • The time and space you need, to remember how to rest
      • Working with your body, not ordering it around
      • Breath awareness
      • Gentle exploration of natural movement
      • Silent sitting (meditation)
      • Deep rest through yoga nidra (aka yogic sleep)
      • High quality essential oils
      • Organic chocolate buttons
      • Half and full day retreats available
      • Suitable for all levels of yoga experience and none

I always look forward to your Make Space retreat days. My body relaxes. My mind stops racing. And I leave totally chilled. A very safe and nurturing space. – Anne

You manage to create this instant feeling of calmness … you found time to make sure all our needs were met in the class individually, to support us where needed, even though your retreat was full. – Bob

A total eye-opener… Helen’s teaching focusses on small (and very effective) movements and body awareness, I was able to tune totally into my body; feeling the benefit as the retreat progressed. The use of essential oils was an additional bonus. The session ended with my first Yoga Nidra. I was amazed at how I felt after this; my mind was calm, quiet and still, my body relaxed and refreshed. – Anna