Testimonials – Yoga

“It was great to join you and the other beautiful souls  Making Space at The Retreat in the beautiful New Forest, and what a venue it is !! and what a blissful time we had !!! 

We certainly Made Space. 

You manage to create this instant feeling of calmness as well which followed throughout – into the yoga, then way into the beautiful guided meditation, and one thing I noticed you found time to make sure all our needs were met in the class individually, to support us where needed even though the retreat was full. 

So many thanks, I’ll be booking up again !!”

I always look forward to your Make Space retreat days.
My body relaxes.
My mind stops racing.
And I leave totally chilled.
A very safe and nurturing space.
Thank you 

Loved your workshop Helen …if I’m honest I was dubious about the 3 hours but I needn’t have been concerned… it was perfect. Left feeling so relaxed and energised at the same time. Really enjoyed your teaching methods – in my opinion an absolutely essential  luxury. Thank you. I will be booking for next month.


The first time I came I really didn’t know what to expect, I’d never done anything like this before, but I absolutely loved it. I always seem to arrive with my mind in overdrive, but as soon as I get there I feel myself relaxing. Helen somehow creates a calmness for everyone and in just few minutes I feel myself relax into it. You begin to really feel your body, you begin to feel your mind, your self… it all starts to come together. Everything else just melts away… it’s wonderful! Most of the movements are so tiny and yet afterwards you feel stretched somehow. And it’s all so gentle. Having the three hours is just wonderful, it means you’ve got a chance to really unwind… it feels like you’re really doing something for YOU. I try to go every month now!


I was excited to attend Helen‘s Making Space workshop but a little apprehensive as 3 hours may prove to be a long time especially as I had never taken a class with Helen before. I shouldn’t have worried – i enjoyed the time so much and it felt luxurious to really spend time listening to my body and letting it do ‘what it knows to do’.

My mind cleared quickly and I settled into listening and becoming aware of what my body was telling me.  Helen is an expert at building trust and a supportive atmosphere and by the end I felt a great deal of release of stress which I wasn’t consciously aware that I was carrying. There was less movement than in other classes I have attended but it was far better movement. Helen obviously has an in depth knowledge of what she teaches and great experience in teaching.

She helped me find the best position for me for the Yoga Nidra practice at the end, so that I was the most comfortable I have ever been in for this part of a yoga class. I really appreciated the importance Helen placed on this final relaxation which I have always thought was the best part of a yoga class but which is skipped over by other teachers I have known.

I came away feeling peaceful and also with a surprising understanding of how tired I am. I have experienced quite a lot of difficulty over the last few years and the workshop today has helped me clarify that I need to take time to look after myself so that I can continue supporting others who need me. I’ve been told this and on an intellectual level I understand it, but Helen’s workshop today has made me see I need and want to do this. Helen’s gift is definitely that of helping people understand what they need.  Amazing.  Thank you.


Yesterday I attended my first ever yoga workshop, run by Helen.  I had only ever done ‘yoga at home’ before and had been following various you-tubers throughout lock-down.

Helen’s workshop was a total eye-opener for me.  Focussing more on small (and very effective) movements and body awareness, I was able to tune totally into my body; feeling the beneficial differences as the workshop progressed.  The use of various essential oils through the practice was an additional bonus.  The session ended with me being guided through my first Yoga Nidra. I was amazed at how I felt after this; my mind was calm, quiet and still, my body relaxed and refreshed.  I will definitely be attending another workshop with Helen!


Today I attended a wonderful 3 hour workshop with Helen Davis of One Step Forward, and I feel fantastic!

Helen teaches the most incredibly restorative form of yoga, perfect for anyone who needs time out from their stressful life or to ease painful limbs gently. She structures the time beautifully with the most gentle of yoga stretches, mindful breathing and meditative practices, which prepare you for the final ‘yoga nidra’ relaxation.

These workshops are great for anyone but especially good for those who want to explore the healing side of yoga. I would definitely recommend them for people with long term autoimmune conditions, or those who find so-called ‘normal’ yoga practices too demanding but who still want the long term benefits.

Helen Cooper, My Wellness Connected

I have been suffering from a bad back for several years, it’s intermittent in terms of pain but always bothers me. I hoped that yoga would help with overall flexibility and maybe even improve my back. I have been truly surprised that even after the first session there was a definite improvement, I did think it was maybe coincidence, but now after 3 sessions, there is a definite improvement. I really hope this continues. I feel that by actually attending a class on a regular basis, I will feel more in control and am actually making a difference myself to my wellbeing. I live a fairly hectic and stressful life, however I have been very surprised at how relaxed and calm I feel after each session. Helen is a wonderful teacher and makes me feel as though I am at the beginning of a journey. I’m so looking forward to seeing where it takes me.


Helen’s yoga classes are wonderful – friendly, informative and great for re-connecting with your body.


Had a fab 1:1 yoga session with Helen this morning. As it’s school holidays my usual class doesn’t meet so I took the opportunity for some special 1:1 ‘me time’. I arrived tired, emotional, lacking in energy and even motivation, but, as I’d booked it I wasn’t going to back out. By the time I left I felt bright eyed, motivated, relaxed, enthusiastic and so much calmer than when I arrived.


I just wanted to say thank you for today’s session, I feel very confident that I am going to benefit from your classes and really like the way that you teach giving food for the body and the soul! Look forward to seeing you next week and learning more!


Helen is a brilliant therapist and a fantastic yoga teacher. My 1:1 yoga sessions with her have been incredibly effective, and her passion and knowledge are a source of continuous inspiration!


I attended Helen’s workshop on Saturday morning … and what a treat it was for my mind, body and spirit. Helen’s attention to care is obvious throughout the morning as she gently guides you through movement and stillness. I can’t recommend Helen enough.


A wonderful few hours to escape and reconnect. Helen’s yoga workshop was perhaps the most relaxing thing I have ever done! She immediately puts you at ease. A wonderful session no matter your yoga experience. I am fairly inexperienced with yoga and I found it extremely gentle and wholly relaxing. You leave with a wonderful feeling that lasts for a few days at the very least. Can not recommend enough. Thank you Helen.


The yoga workshop was an absolutely wonderful experience and I would like to thank you very much. I really loved the session, you are an excellent teacher and explain things so well , it was so gentle and relaxing , I felt like I was floating the rest of the afternoon. I’m sorry I was yawning so much but I think that was stress release, and I felt deeply tired later in the day and slept like a log!


Excellent, relaxed and approachable yoga tuition.


I have been practicing yoga for over 20 years. Your workshop was a brilliant way of making me stop and think about each posture and the way my body wants to move. Rather than just moving from one posture to the next, your unique way of taking each posture a step at a time helped me to almost fall effortlessly, easily and thoughtfully into the posture and really experience what that feels like. Moving into Tree pose was a lightbulb moment as I actually felt what it should feel like to find my balance one one leg!


Fabulous workshop today, thank you Helen! What an amazing combination of practices… grounding, breathing, meditation, yoga, etc. Everything I love about your Make Space ethos.


I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful workshop on Saturday. I had arrived with quite a painful niggling neck which I had had for three days. Very soon into the yoga practice I felt very deeply connected to my body and during your guiding and curious questioning and inviting me to ‘notice’, I felt permission to ‘let go’ and this evoked a release which bubbled all through my core and emerged as a surge of emotion, something I think I had been holding onto. Your gentle voice was soothing and I soon realised my body was aware but not tense and my neck pain was gone!

Throughout the workshop I felt that I was invited to move consciously with kindness, you provided an environment and platform for peace and tranquility and because of this I was able to totally relax and feel attuned to myself. Lastly and most importantly for me was the sense of being held and nurtured and nourished, a true gift!