Working With Me

However we work together, the aim is the same: to remind you how to rest and, through resting, to help you make space: physically, mentally and emotionally.

Because where there’s space, there’s healing.

At the moment my focus is on working 1:1 with individual clients who are ready to connect with their own inner strength and step into the life that they long to live, whatever that looks like.

Working in person in my dedicated studio in Petersfield, Hampshire, or online via Zoom we will work together to identify and release unhelpful and undermining beliefs and harness the power of your imagination to create lasting change. 

As well as drawing on my skills as a clinical hypnotherapist, where appropriate I may also share postures and breathing practices from the yoga tradition, meditation and other relevant processes.

To find out more, tell me a bit about what you are seeking and see if we feel like a good fit to work together, book a free, no-strings Exploratory Chat now.