Becoming one of the five per cent

Melanie’s faith in her body’s ability to heal itself, combined with the hypnotherapy work we did together, helped her beat the odds after the trauma of urgent brain surgery.

“Helen was my ministering angel in my hour of need. I truly believe with every fibre of my being that the hypnotherapy I received from her was an integral part of my full recovery from brain surgery.

In 2020 I was diagnosed with four brain aneurysms, one of which had ruptured. After emergency surgeries and 10 days in the neurological ICU, I was discharged from hospital, deeply grateful to have been treated by an outstanding neurosurgeon and to be alive but also feeling quite psychologically traumatised and dealing with significant back and neck pain due to residual blood in my spinal column.

Connecting deeply with the sub-conscious mind

Hypnotherapy helped Melanie find the strength and focus she needed for her recovery.

During one excruciating, sleepless night I called Helen and asked her if she could help me, even though I was in the United States and she was in the UK. I had entrusted other family members and friends to her excellent care but now I was in need and standard therapies were woefully inadequate. I was facing two additional brain surgeries and wanted to take a holistic approach to preparing for them.

Helen is truly remarkable. She made the time to address my immediate, acute need with a hypnotherapy session which was very powerful and then set up additional sessions with me that were tailored to prepare me for the upcoming procedures.

Her deep, focused and personal approach allowed me to work on a profound level with my sub-conscious mind and gave me the strength and belief that this approach would support the success of the surgeries and accelerate my full healing and recovery process.

Creating a positive mindset 

The very nature of brain surgery is pretty daunting on every level and each time the anticipation was quite nerve-racking. Helen provided me with a personalized hynotherapy recording that definitely enabled me to be calm and steady and in an open, positive state of mind.

Today, I am able to count myself among the 5% of people who have not only survived but have no residual cognitive or neurological damage as a result of a ruptured brain aneurysm.

There is no question in my mind that Helen’s hypnotherapy treatment was a critical factor in my recovery.

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